The Podcast For Everything About Vibrators, Sex Toys And The Future Of Pleasure

Episode 1: About the generation gap, international gap and experimenting

We met Katrin, who is a feminist and a mother of two, who shares her story on how her generation opened up to talk and experiment with vibrators wherever she lived – from Iceland to Berlin, New York and to Copenhagen.

Episode 2: The used underwear exchange rate, webcams, and empowerment

We met Emily who runs her own business as a webcam model and by selling her used underwear, who explains how her line of work is making her feel more powerful.

Episode 3: When Sex-Ed teaches you to not have sex

We met Aleks: A young busy career woman, that while growing up in Bulgaria the sexual education taught her “do not have sex”, and how this has affected her to find her own way of experimenting with sexuality and learning about herself.

Episode 4: On freedome, sexuality and catholic guilt

We meet Maria, who went through the Mexican and American catholic school system experiencing that not all her female classmates where feeling as free as she. Poetry and politics shaped her and today she is working on her own feminist project uncovering women’s sexuality.